Lobster Shack Cape Elizabeth

by Muck Raker on December 3, 2009

The Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth, Maine on Casco Bay. Wonderful belly clams, but the clam chowder was unimpressive to me.

Photo by Michael Stern, but it is EXACTLY what I had the last time I was at the Lobster Shack, Cape Elizabeth

Photo by Michael Stern, but it is EXACTLY what I had the last time I was at the Lobster Shack, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

“Here is the most dramatic possible setting for lobster-eating – the water’s edge, framed by a pair of lighthouses at the entrance to Casco Bay. A restaurant has perched here since the 1920s, and while you might find better fried clams and lobster rolls along the coast, you will find no more inspired place to eat them than at one of the picnic tables marshaled on a flat patch of sandy land between the take-out counter and huge rocks where the ocean splashes in.” – roadfood.com

My wife and I have been here two or three times. We found it a couple years ago while on one of our Maine State Park excursions. We’ve begun seeking out a new state park each and every time we leave the White Mountains and head for the Maine coast. We love seafood and I love belly clams, shrimp, scallops and fish. She’s more into the strips or mild white fish. This place has something for everyone and the food is very good. The lines move fast when it’s busy and it does get very busy even on a rainy day. The last time we were there it was really a driving mist… one of those Maine coast partly cloudy days. We broke out the rain gear and ate outside because the view is so awesome.

There is indoor seating, but who cares. There is no point in coming to the Lobster Shack unless you plan to eat outdoors, watch the waves crash against the rocks, watch the sparrows fly in and out of the rosa rugosa, pick at the gravel and nibble the occasional french fry. I wonder how that got on the ground? ;)

View From Our Table at Lobster Shack

View From Our Table at Lobster Shack - Two Lights Cape Elizabeth

Then there are the seagulls. What a show! Late last summer, we were sitting at our favorite table on the water and a couple tables down from us a family was eating. For some reason they all got up at once and started to leave the table and before they’d gotten 10 steps away a seagull swooped down, landed on the table, tore into the food and was off! It was pretty amusing and it didn’t go unnoticed by the unsuspecting family. They rushed back to the table to protect their food. The seagulls just hover above or sit next to your table and wait. Of course it’s hard NOT to throw them a french fry or two over the seawall to get rid of them… yeah right. They come right back, but that’s part of the charm of this place and I think the birds know it. Oh… did I mention the two light houses within site of the picnic tables? Also across Casco Bay you can see Portland Light too.

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