Clam Chowder Recipe Revealed

Steve’s ‘Clam Chowder Recipe’ is the best, but it’s been a secret for 25 years and he is now revealing his recipe. It’s restaurant tested. It’s had standing ovations in the dining room. It’s converted even clam chowder haters. It will surely make you a believer too!

This creamy, buttery flavorful ‘new england clam chowder’ will fill you with visions of the Maine coast and beyond. Anywhere clam chowder is served you’ll have to taste it to test it and then you can compare. Bon Appetite! – My Secret Clam Chowder Recipe

A quiet morning on Buck's Harbor, S. Brooksville, Maine

The schooner Mercantile is in the back right.

A quiet morning on Buck's Harbor, S. Brooksville, Maine

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